Cereal Milk Strain

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Cereal Milk Strain

Cereal Milk Strain

You know the taste of milk after eating a bowl of fruity flavored cereal? How it is sugary-sweet and contains remnants of flavorful citrus or berries? Imagine if that scent and taste could be turned into a cannabis strain. You’d get the one called Cereal Milk. Some dispensaries might call it the strain.

This strain is a potent hybrid that not only produces a delicious scent and flavor reminiscent of fruity strain, but its cured buds are a site to behold.

More about Cereal Milk Strain

They present with varying shades of deep mossy greens mixed with pale yellows. Its pistils are a light orange and its trichomes make it look like it’s been dunked in sugar.

Also the effects offer a balance of sativa and indica effects according to reviewers, meaning it soothed both their mind and body while enhancing creativity or focus. Some have used Cereal Milk weed to calm the stresses of the day, while others enjoyed it to relax and chill out in front of a movie with friends.


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Based on 26 reviews

4.87 Overall
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26 reviews for Cereal Milk Strain

  1. Kestin Ambrose

    The absolute truth!!!!! The taste,the high, the smell. I can’t say enough! Definitely my favorite strain so far ????????‍♂️

  2. Ashley Insigne

    I have no complaints except there’s NO product. Currently on Wednesday 7/8/20 @2:25P there is NO flower in any dispensary in the State of Arizona. This is so frustrating and absolutely ridiculous. We’re prescribed this medication for a reason. It’s your job to provide it. What’s the problem? And don’t blame it on CoVid bc you and FSCC were slipping way before.

  3. Nathaniel Weah

    This is the best Arizona dispensary in the area. The medication is excellent, just wish they didn’t run out of flower so quickly.

  4. Diego

    Honestly one of my favorite strains I recently came across by. Got the flower version first, such beautiful nugs and with a great smell. They didn’t name it Cereal Milk for no reason, everyone I’ve had it try describes the taste like taking a bite out of a bowl of cereal…honestly. You get a great creaminess from the smoke and after 5 minutes, you feel like the happiest person alive. I use it during the mornings and it just makes my days so much better. I’ve also had it from SSD and it is the real deal. 10/10, all ????

  5. Huth

    bomb shit on every hit. smoked like 5 grams while trippin on acid n it went excellent with the two, good effects on all the applicable formats n well what can ya say worth the cash.

  6. Adams Rachel

    Damn Damn! Damn!! I just lost my lighter, now let me tell you how this shiii got me higher. It smells like truffle butter. Mm Mm! Mmm!! It’s nice and tight, sparkles so bright, it’s purple and green, it’ll get you lean. ~Enjoy your high

  7. Davide truthman

    Sweet smelling. Great taste. Thought I had a half oz but the buds were so dense it was oz. Definitely recommend strain for daytime activities and creative thoughts

  8. Waterfall

    I’m very relaxed, and happy. You could definitely call this a happy strain like I’m literally ready to do anything like let’s gooooo

  9. Strootman

    I’m a big flavor smoker I tend to go for strains that will give me a different taste and this is definitely it!! It was described perfectly when you exhale you get a vanilla creamy taste of berries. It’s literally like drinking the milk left after a bowl of Fruit loops. The Hi you can feel after your second pull and lasts for at least 3 hours. I would recommend to def try

  10. Luther wooh

    this strain tastes just like the name suggests I’m an indica person only mostly or indica leaning hybrids. but this one was a 50/50 and it felt good really body relaxed but still getting little things done no anxiety and I’m anxiety prone ???? 10 on flavor shoutout to BURNER for this one

  11. Wesley Boyle

    typically I’ll go for only indica but this strain made me reconsider and start trying hybrids ???????? after smoking it I sunk it bed immediately, got to high to the point where I started praying to God.

  12. Rusell

    Heard alot about it and was thinking ,” man i hope next go around i can get my hands on some ” and the next day was told it was available. I grabbed a 8th and smoke a half a cone and immediately turned around to grab another! Def Fire Fire Fire???????????? shout out berner n cookies fam!

  13. Aldo

    this is one of my favorite strains!! i prefer smoking it in the day rather than night, it’s a different vibe. ????

  14. Ashton Woods

    Easily one of my top 5 strains to smoke! Sweet on the inhale and heavy on the high ???? you smoke it you’re going to be high, even for veteran smokers. If you can get your hands on a batch I’d always recommend grabbing some.

  15. Maeva Williams

    Very smooth taste thick smoke which I can see where the milk comes in to play with the name. It taste very sweet can taste the cookie base as well as cherry pie. The buds are very dense and beautiful as well.

  16. Zidane

    TASTES LIKE LEFTOEVER LUCKY CHARMS MILK such a new strain. I forget stuff on this. I don’t think that’s a good thing. I’m really relaxed but I forgot…do I have another project to do? Did I already take a hit? Did I win that last game of overwatch? I forgot

  17. Wesley Boyle

    Cereal Milk purchased from SSD Pheonix. Test results: 26.12 % THC-A – CBG 1.73% .84 % THC .16 CBD-A Doesn’t look much better then this dank frosty purple hues w/ fire orange hairs everywhere. 10/10 Bag appeal Dank and sweet from the opening of the mylar bag, Aroma is intense creamy vanilla with this fruity doughy piney mint goin on meshes together amazing! Upon the first smoke session I will roll a J and Vape thru PAX to get the true terp profile. A LOT More of a fruity milk funk thru the Pax like creamy fruity pebbles or captain crunch berries with a fizzy fruity cool whip vanilla piney thing going on lingering on the exhale. Very tasty!! TERPS: 10/10 The smoke is overall versatile; uplifting euphoric rush that hit’s hard quickly right to the dome. Initially I thought this was sativa dominant from the effects but within 30 minutes you’ll feel the effects wash from behind your eyes all the way to your limbs leaving you very relaxed but still feelin heady/ talkative / focused / Uplifting. If you only take a few hits I can see this being nice and moderate but if over done I can see this overwhelming some sensitive to more potent cultivars. Effects 9.5/10 = 29.5 HIGHLY RECOMMEND this review has taken me several hours to finish after a nice spliff and PAX (1.6 grams total) -STAY LIFTED-

  18. Alphonse Bachmann

    It smokes very smooth. Gives you a nice calm high.

  19. Jack Locke

    The taste is buttery with a little vanilla flavor. Make sure you’re not doing anything because this will keep you locked to the couch. I got so much relief from the pains after a few drags, felt great!

  20. Cyrill Owens

    cereal milk shuts my mind off in the best way possible. I suffer from bad anxiety and adhd meaning my thoughts are constantly racing and this strain helps to calm me down, stop my mind from running, and allows me to sit in the most comfortable and relaxed high. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who suffers with the same issues!! ????????

  21. Josko Packmann

    I love it. It has a calming effect and my life is now much more manageable with 2 toddlers and an 8 year old who thinks he’s 20. In other words, my blood pressure is down❤️❤️❤️

  22. Guitirrez

    this is the perfect strain for people who want to unlock their full potential.. I was able to use 25% of my brain off of this.i even started writing my own book. before cereal milk I couldnt even spell. now I type 2000 words a minute and can sing opera. thank you for this gift.

  23. Melva Brennah

    Great smoke in flower with ice cold bong, your favorite paper & the blunt of your choice will split ya to the white meat, No BS great high, Hell you might wake up where ever you started blazen with the other half laying on your chest, lap or the floor, thinking damn she knock me out but nice enough to leave you the other half , so can try again an people it’s worth it, this girl is one to tangle with most veteran smoker’s are 2 hitter quitters, she’ll test your water’s, but a must try if your a true smoker

  24. Kareem

    this bud wild and this vibrator be hitting different no cap 5/5 ????

  25. Lammers

    I don’t know if I got a weird batch from the dispensary or if this strain just fits my chemistry in a way that the typical flavor/effects are different, for me. This is not, by any means, a recreational strain, for me… purely therapeutic. I find nothing about this strain to be recreationally enjoyable… I don’t really get high, and the flavor is terrible. To me, it tastes like it’s trying to be a pungent cheese with a hint of sweetness, and failing horribly… imagine taking a sip of milk from a bowl of fruity pebbles that’s been sitting on the table since 9am, and it’s now noon. So… if it’s that bad, why 5 stars? This strain is my go-to for an elevated mood. It’s that simple. No other strain has alleviated my depression and anxiety symptoms, while putting extra pep in my step without an uncontrollable urge to be moving. I can sit still without an anxious urge to get up and move… or I can get up and get stuff done. This is the medicine that normalizes me. My coworkers have stopped asking if I’m ok, all the time! Diagnoses: PTSD, Schizoaffective Disorder (simple schizophrenia and bipolar)

  26. Pearsley Bald

    I usually come here (to SSD) to get the 411 on strains I plan to purchase and on occasion I read reviews. After reading reviews on this I was hype to cop. One review in particular really caught my attention. One of the things said was that he got so high all he could do is pray to God. After reading that my choice was obvious right? After blazin a fatty it was also obvious that the reviewer was a novice. That being said, with 50 yrs in the game my opinion is this shit is funkin fire. ❤️????????????????????

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