Platinum Bubba Strain

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Platinum Bubba Strain

The Platinum Bubba strain is of the Indica variety and has a THC level of +20 percent. It has a flowering time ranging from 60 to 65 days. It produces a purple-coloured plant weighing around 125 grams and the strain has a greenish and rust colour.

This is a commonly used platinum level strain that is perfect for people suffering from severe injuries and chronic pains. Platinum Bubba also has a strong effect on anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, migraine, stress and Parkinson’s disease.

More about Platinum Bubba Strain

If you are suffering from any of these conditions and want to mitigate your pain, this strain is the right match for you. It takes a couple of minutes to properly kick-start within your body, but it soon takes over your body and mind and puts you into a deep sleep.

This relaxes you completely and most patients using it for chronic pain management hardly wake up during their sleep. It has a spicy aroma, but its flowers are sweet-tasting. Platinum Bubba is commonly used in California, but is now finding its way to several other locations as well. It suits most people, but does have the tendency to sometimes produce couch-lock in certain patients.


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33 reviews for Platinum Bubba Strain

  1. Rybakina

    This Cat 5 cannabis was my very first introduction to the herb. While riding shotgun on a road trip I proceeded to get slingshot into an alternate plane of euphoria. Slowly each part of my body grew lighter and lighter until it felt as if I was flying just above the seat in a landscape that resembled the old windows space screensaver as we cruised through the city. 4 hours later I began to descend gaining both a new respect and perspective on life as with this strain you have no choice but to confront your demons because once you hit this you aren’t moving any time soon so relax get ready for the journey and put aside some you time. Disclaimer* you’re gonna wanna be near food for your safety and the safety of others.

  2. Marx Hitlitzinger

    Strong body high, with a creeping euphoria, i love this strain

  3. Dominik

    Super intense high. Knocked me out.

  4. Skyller

    Great flavor with ridiculous after taste that tricks you into think you just smoked a fire bowl (but actually you just dabbed some fire). One of the most unique waxes I’ve ever hit with noticeably two tastes, the foretaste and aftertaste, both complimenting one another in the long haul.

  5. Miller S

    Great strain. High is mellow and relaxed. Made me really hungry and that was the only time I really left the couch. One of my favorites.

  6. Krepin Acuna

    Platinum Bubba is in my Top 5 Favorite Indicas. Creeper for sure but when you realize its a warm blanket of comfort. If you ever wanna know how a glazed donut feels, smoke this.

  7. Wells

    I may be a bit biased but Bubba has always been a top favorite for its unique serene high that is a fusion of both body numbness and mind alertness. This is accompanied with a sense of peace and balance that is typical of anti-anxiety kushes. The addition of Platinum OG for me amplifies the mind warp PBK offers by complimenting the intensely powerful body high. Awesome shatter smelled like a musky forest and the taste was very clean pine. Pirates ye be warned! PBK is a creeper just as any version of our beloved Bubba!

  8. Gratham Haynes

    It is so good. I had it for the first time with a friend and was pretty high out of my mind after 4 hits. Love it would recommend.Helped my Anxiety so much along with my OCD and Depression

  9. Lambrasso AW

    This weed when inhaled had a metallic flavor to it as if we were smoking it out of a metal pipe, but when exhaled had more of a sweet pine-sol aftertaste. Unbelievably potent, covered in crystals with it’s hues of blueish gray on a light green bud with bright orange hairs and even brighter white crystals covering it. NOT FOR BEGINNERS 4.5/5

  10. Maya

    2 is enough. Holy T-Rex hand grenade, Batman! Japanese ninjas in raptor suits. Definitely a good one for porch use. Spiders and spiderwebs. Bug whispering.

  11. Mihail

    I think PB is okay… Not for me I am thinking. My experiences with PB is, It’s very low to a maybe mild high; I am extremely sensitive to medication. PB does give me a head high; I am able to think well with it too with my body it does some slowing down to my energy. It makes me wake up, focus hard and I am thinking much more or not enough in the right direction. PB also makes me a lil lazy. It will take a bit more focus and discipline to get up and to do even a small action. It did kill a lot of my stomach pain and back pain. I did get a lil headache coming down off of it. I would need to take another strain with PB than just PB by its self. ^_^!! SSD

  12. Julian Petkovic

    I met this strain as platinum bubba Larry kush maybe SSD twist on name but the strain was the same. Good for pain and nitenite time. I have m.s., spasms. And just plain love good bud. This hits on all levels for experienced smoker.

  13. Leonarrdo Noopert

    Pbk had me tired and hungry like Buddha trying to find enlightenment, but a grain of rice simply would not do, especially for a 290 pound six foot two man, i had to go to the store and buy my friend back all the frosted flakes i ate of his. This beautiful strain helped me with my insomnia like no other, Be sure to have food, games, and plenty of water nearby!

  14. Beetle

    This is the best strain I have ever found! Fantastic for body aches and pains. Works very well as a muscle relaxer. Not so good for being social. I just wanted to melt into the couch and watch TV. Which also makes it great for sleep. I wake up the next morning in the exact same spot I fell asleep. I didn’t move at all in my sleep. Just lay there blissfully dreaming until I awaken feeling refreshed and energized the next morning.

  15. Allista

    This is real bud with true CA heritage and the aroma and burn of the flower illustrates this – the psycho-somatic impact of properly grown PBK rivals any genetically engineered strained available today on the market, recreational and medicinal. While not terribly overwhelming and physically debilitating, I wouldn’t recommend this strain to a novice. First class.

  16. Toni Snieder

    This might just be my favorite strain of all time. I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks, and bp completely soothed me, helped me settle down, and took away my IBS symptoms. Not the longest lasting and I did seem to need a bit more of it, but it was phenomenal.

  17. Sasa Lovro

    Absolutley amazing strain. Thick trics cover thick purple and silver buds. The smell was sweet yet kushy at the same time. Completly relaxs and kills any tension in your body. i smoked it while walking a trail. I was kinda worried it would weigh me down but it was still a great experience. alsong as i kept moving i was ok. but any breaks left me melted to a bench. i was ready to drift off right in the woods. great strain.

  18. Martella Martinez

    Medicina bien BUENA. 4 minutes after vaping Bag#1, pleasant effects felt. However, 34 minutes after, i had already been on a cerebral joyride – lucidly- and returned. The head feels racy, meandering. The body is PAIN-FREE (before medicating, i had sharp forearm/elbow discomfort). Right now, the pain level is -0-. Lovely to look at, as well.

  19. Jeffrey

    My very favorite medicine for FIBROMYALGIA. Takes the body wide pain away and what a great time doing it!

  20. Lola Bondar

    This strain is a mega munchie hitter! The smell & taste remind me of gasoline, similar to Sour Diesel or Chemdog; which BTW are both great strains if u ask me. Anyhow, PBK has a dark green and purplish tint to it. The nugs are medium to large size and somewhat hard and dense but still moist aswell. B-ware cuz PBK packs a punch & it’s great 4 nighttime use. I purchased some PBK from my local SS dispensary yesterday. I highly recommend this strain be kept in your med cabinet. It works wonders for all my ailments such as; appetite, depression, anxiety, back & nerve damage. I’am fairly new when it comes to growing cannabis & so far…I LOVE IT! It’s been 1 year and I LOVE every minute of it! I should of done this long ago but I was always intimidated when it came to growing cannabis because of all the information there is out there. (Trust & Believe me) & I hope this review helps atleast 1 person out there. Lastly When I opened up my package of PBK I broke up some bud and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of seeds in there!!! 2 seeds so far. I’m sooooo excited to grow some Platinum Bubba Kush. I can not wait to watch her grow! Just the smell alone of PBK motivates me to get these seeds popping ASAP. I hope you all have a great day. PEACE & LOVE ♡♡♡

  21. Dani Paredes

    After smoking this strain i walked downstairs and there was my family and a bald guy with mustache. he said im mike. your familys worried. the bald guy said come with me. to. Cannabis Camp Rehab in Humbolt California. at the airport. the man taking me from the show was searched. he had a 1 hit pipe and about 6 …30mg oxycodone. they took him in and i took a taxi home.

  22. Alexis Sktrptusky

    Most potent strain I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Hard hitting, throat burning, in-the-couch. I don’t recommend this for a social bud.

  23. TMK

    Classic strain and premium quality. It’s straightforward, earthy, somewhat cheesy and floral and allows user to slip into heavy body high and cerebral floating. I always like to have this around for experienced users. Not for amateurs.

  24. Walters Samuel

    This strain makes me enjoy things like music and artistry and philosophy sooooo much more and (100% unexpected) makes me like 1000x more emotional which hasn’t ever happened to me – even on sativa strains!! I’ve only smoked 1 bowl (I’m a *heavy* smoker, 1g/day ????) at the moment. and im literally in tears listening to billie eilish “I love you” and thinking about how much i love my best friend and first love ????❤????♥????????????????

  25. Leroy Augustine

    Very good medicine for helping my fibromyalgia. The best I’ve had so far for my flare ups.

  26. Perkins Saliba

    very relaxing body high. this strain will lock you to a couch and KEEP YOU THERE. I recommend having a free schedule when tangling with platinum bubba kush

  27. Megan Eastwood

    Great floral taste and some of the strongest munchies ever. While we were on this strain, my friend asked if he could have some of the pizza I was making and I said no. I realized later that my munchies were so strong that I was not thinking rationally and of course split the pizza with him…and another. Make sure you have some Red Baron pizzas standing by in the freezer.

  28. Twine S

    This strain did exactly what I needed it to do. I’m having back surgery soon and my injury makes it very painful to lay down and sleep is elusive when I do because I get rolling waves of spasms. I was looking for a strain that would lay me out at night and this Platinum Bubba does that pleasantly. I was able to sleep the whole night with only one wake up and that was for a potty break. I knew if it was anything close to other Bubba strains then it would work. Very satisfied.

  29. Myrian Gonzalez

    I’m chillin Mad body high. Floating Lock up the snacks!

  30. Josip

    When you indulge iN this super sticky dank weed,any hopeof getting anything done has gone right out the window!! Better have a couch and pillow nearby!! Feels like i weigh 1000 lbs!!

  31. Dave

    was very happy with these pristine nuggets. Ever so flavorful I remember holding in my hits extra long just so tasty…effective as well the Plat really does pack a punch chall.

  32. McAtee

    From Ireland As a moderate daily smoker, its hard for some bud to really knock me down so I can sleep- Bubba Kush put me to bed! I love this, and it’s great for insomnia.

  33. Giles

    One of the best Indicas I’ve ever had! If you’re trying to get a good body high and get couch locked for a while get this!

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