Biscotti Strain

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Biscotti Strain

If you’re a fan of cookies or sweet baked confections of any sort, then the strain Biscotti may end up on your favorites list. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Gelato #25 and South Florida OG and it’s been described as having the scent and flavor of snickerdoodle cookies, being of cinnamon and spices that are reminiscent of a delicious organic bakery.

More About Biscotti Strain

However, it’s already adopting fans as they review it, some stating that this is a great social strain as it tends to cause the giggles to arise and conversations to enhance which is perfect for sharing with friends. Some fans like how Biscotti tends to relax both the body and mind, leaving thoughts clear without any confusion, fogginess, or lethargy.

Cookies Fam turned Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #25, and South Florida OG into delicious cookie magic with Biscotti. This rare Indica (80/20) takes advantage of a delicious terpene profile (the strain favors Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene) to generate its insane flavors. This also makes it great for cannabis connoisseurs that want to make their own extracts, which favor a rich terpene profile. Users in the Bay Area that want a new dessert-like strain similar to Thin Mints Cookies should check this one out.


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36 reviews for Biscotti Strain

  1. Thomas O’leary

    highly recommend it, grew it this year and I was very impressed how it hold up and come out delicious.

  2. John Woodburn

    taste great, and it smacks😳 like a heavy set auntie, meaning you’ll be happy🥴, hungry🧟‍♂️, sleepy🥱!

  3. Patrick Webster

    The pheno I sampled is definitely more indica dominant. Efffect starts from the head down to the body and has some really nice muscle unwind and relax. Spicey, earthy diesel taste and has that citrus mineral smell. This one makes you hungry but not dry mouth and is a really well balanced body buzz without being too spacey or cerebral.

  4. dmagoj Trust

    This baby makes me feel like I can take on the world 🤸🏻 one hit had me high & motivated af, I got shit done! Smelled/tasted like a panaderia☕️ dense nugs – cool exterior, soft interior 👉🏻👈🏻 “Girl you were all over the place” – my friend via ft bc social distancing is important! Enjoy your bud, & stay safe bud💌

  5. Armstrong White

    Great for rookies if vaped..

  6. Salvatore lewis

    I am so enamored with the flavor that I tend to overdo it and fall asleep before the party is over. Head to toe high yet my brain still functions, just the irritating parts go missing. Body is all Indica fineness. I can’t finish review because Biscotti is the most delicious strain I’ve had in 40 years, and it’s a creeper that just blindsided me. Extraordinary.

  7. Diamon Joseph

    Biscotti is my favorite strain of all time. In a concentrate when you see the more psychoactive side of its personality, you’ll be met with one of the most unique headspaces I’ve found from cannabis. It feels like your brain is operating at 100%; definitely worth a try for creatives, people dealing with stress/depression related conditions, or anyone who wants a fantastic time. Ive found it to be a great hybrid for any time of day or night. Truly the go-to strain if you’re here for what weed does to your mind.

  8. jociam lammers

    Great taste has a lemony citrus taste with a hint of graham cracker aftertaste. Gives you a nice relaxed body high also leaves you feeling weightless. Recommended for pain or tenseness. Good for when you want to just relax on a day off or if your feeling stressed. Doesn’t give you that slumped feeling you usually get with indica’s could be used as either a day or night time strain. I also smoked out of a leaf if that makes any difference.

  9. Tristen Lierry

    This shit got me toasty Boasty foasty west coasty with a cherry on top. This shit got me Humpty Dumpty yooooooo! Straight gasoline baby yummmmmm

  10. Arsani Perrone

    I’m RiPPed

  11. Kalvin Doherty

    fruity but not overwhelming

  12. adrian reeves

    Relaxing and focusing at the same time. Dry mouth might take some effect.

  13. Jones Xavier

    I had the wax from nectar extracts & it smells , looks and tastes amazing. The wax itself is like a butter and is very easy to get onto a dab nail which is also nice asf!

  14. KLM

    I’m late to the game on this one! I’ve recently been able to add this stain to my rotation, and this is definitely a top ten strain for me! Pairs incredibly well with Italian coffee(black) to bring out its sweet vanilla notes!

  15. Charles Clucas

    Smells like shit but tastes good. Made for nice sheshes

  16. Paul Schoofield

    Best shit out right now hands down

  17. Benjamin Woodman

    It tastes like sugar and brings on a tingly spine high.

  18. Rolando Archer

    Having tried this in a concentrate form, I didn’t really like the flavor. It was too sweet for my liking. Reminiscent of a King Louis XIII or Gelato strain flavor. I got this product from Verano, a cannabis cultivator in Illinois’ cannabis market. The effects were that of a typical hybrid, relaxing and calming.

  19. Edmonds-green

    Definite body high. Makes me talky. Very calm. Happy and giggly. I could go to sleep if I went to lay down. But I have a bit of insomnia already. I am not an expert so tastes is difficult for me to quantify

  20. kenneth Ings

    wow i must say this bud kicks it out of the park. The flavor was there but wasnt like a cookie more like calm greens and a hint of animal cracker, I know that sounds little off but thats what i favored. However this bud was a real treat cant wait to try more smomed a joint b4 work and my day went so well if you can handle it smoke b4 ur day begins.

  21. Dusburry Duschamp

    this thing is sweet like the cookies and gassy like the OG. a true winner

  22. Keith Brennan

    From Ireland, would recommend this to any one who wants some good bud.

  23. Marko Spjanic

    It smells so potent, and super sticky. I love it.

  24. Madi Zubeldia

    Found this to be a bit like ice cream cake. I bought it fore daytime use for PTSD and it’s relaxing without being sedating. The high thc brings on a bit of anxiety if you over do it but that just helps to keep my tolerance low 😃

  25. Dammy Lovato

    One of my favorite strains I’ve ever smoked. I have a spinal cord injury and suffer from nerve pain, muscle spasms, muscle tightness, paralysis, and much much more. This strain is the first thing I think of when I’m in the worst pain. Such a great body high that melts all pain and puts the mind at ease. Would always have this strain on hand if it was available.

  26. Sinasola Pongracic

    The taste is truly Biscotti fam. Smooth, tasty, and is a great night time Indica. I’m a heavy user and this strain has had me wanting to go to sleep after an hour of a few hits. Must have for anyone for sleep that has sleep disorder and wants a heavy hitter in their inventory.

  27. Peter Fulton

    Biscotti is hands down probably one of my favorite strains!!! Must buy!!

  28. happy2shop

    fuck me runnin, i was listenin to mo momba and dude i shit you not, i heard other background music in the song ive never once heard when sober af

  29. Isaac Tudor

    Good for day n nite

  30. Tiffany charlotte

    What a tingly sensation throughout; beautiful flavors hidden behind the smoke.

  31. Taylor Cash


  32. Andrew Lambert

    Makes me feel weightless. Helps with pain. Makes me feel smiley.

  33. Draco Lovado

    got my packaged last week, promised to leave a review, in the Uk. Great strain here.

  34. Rob McGuinness

    Tasty treat with a scrumptious buzz

  35. Dianna williams

    Im cooked

  36. Francesco Solari

    Was literally mid panic attack when I realized we only had Sativa in the house. My superhero hubby ran to Cinder and brought me home biscotti! OH SWEET BABY JESUS IN A PITA POCKET!! One bowl later and I am a happy girl again. Anxiety is long gone. I’m giggly and relaxed. 10/10

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